FlightGoogles Environments

The Abandoned Factory Virtual Environment is designed to resemble a run-down large interior space, envisioned similar to typical drone racing arenas - perhaps a bit more run down than usual. It features several visually-challenging elements, such as water puddles, rubble, broken objects, and lighting effects.

It is created by constructing virtual replicas of eighty different objects, such as columns, walls, rubble, barrels, and more. The environment is then put together by creating around a thousand instances of these eighty different objects, hence replicating some of the objects many times.

The Stata Center Virtual Environment is a true virtual replica of two floors of MIT's Stata Center - a Frank-Gehry-designed building. Stata Center is one of the landmarks of Boston area. It is the home of the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) - our home laboratory. This environment is, we believe, one of the visually most compelling virtual environments available today.

The Stata Center environment is carefully crafted from tens of thousands of photographs. The environment is hand-cleaned in order to perform rendering in real time.